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Development Due Diligence

We help people sell their unsellable properties. 

In today's market, if you're 90+ DOM, there is an issue.

Unfortunately the "AS-IS" condition of your home or land is not a value add to the consumer. Well, at least not at the price you need to sell it for. We can help you obtain "approvals" or get "shovel ready" if you do not know what the next steps are. Typically people have vacant properties that they have been holding for some time.

They list them with an agent and they still do not sell. In this process you may have heard, is it shovel ready?

In your instance, it may be an issue with Title. You may need an easement. It may simply be that the town is tough and takes a long time to obtain zoning approval. If you're selling land without approvals, developers want to know they can build right away. If you need DEP or environmental approvals, they walk away. If they don't walk, you will need to be in an exclusive contract with them for 6-12 months while they perform "due-diligence" to ensure they can build.


We will help you do this and fund the deliverables ourselves so they property can sell, typically for more that the current list price. If you did this yourself, it could be 20k-30k+ depending upon the challenges.

Contact Us

We'll review your property with you over the phone for FREE. If you're interested in moving foward, we'll perform an initial devlopment approval checklist for FREE. We do NOT charge anything upfront. We get paid when the property sells on the market once the approvals are complete and the end buyer closes on the purchase.





VOA Property Solutions, LLC

83 Ackerman Ave, Suite 203

Clifton, NJ 07011

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